Monday, November 14, 2011


So as part of the final project some research is required to see if anyone else out there has done anything like what we're doing. I just searched a little bit on Google and came up with this website: Early Learning Through The Arts. This one isn't so much art and Shakespeare but I think the objectives are what we are trying to achieve, in a way, and the themes are similar, too.
Then there's this other website that really looks like they are more along our lines of thinking, mainly putting Shakespeare to the tune of art (or applying it to other subjects). Here it is: English: Shakespeare across the Curriculum. I clicked on the link at the bottom (Shakespeare across the Curriculum). I found that it explained a lot about what they were trying to do and maybe we could look at it and take a few ideas or use it to help us simplify our current plan.

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  1. That sounds perfect, thanks so much for researching that. I will take a look at it, try to find some more material on it, and get back real soon...