Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Mason's Response to Melanie's Lesson

So this lesson plan was a lot of fun. Bascally what it was asking me to do was to think of a symbol that went along with Hamlet and draw it three different ways. I got to look at both the drawing and the object as much as I wanted. I got to look at both but less at my drawing, and third, I only got to look at the object and never my drawing.

Full Control

Half Control

No Control
The object I chose was a painting of three skulls featured on my lesson outline. I figured skulls and death really symbolized Hamlet well, what with the whole Yorick thing and then everyone dying other thing.

It was really cool because the whole lesson was on control, that nobody had control or at least full control. Doing this excercise really made me think. The first time I drew it was easy. The second time it was harder and a little frustrating, and I wasn't happy with my results. The third time was almost laughable at how helpless I felt and the end result is laughable as well. If it was that frustrating to just draw a picture having minimal control,  I can now sympathize with Hamlet who has no control while trying to avenge his father and put his whacked out life in order.

Very fun. Nice job Melanie.


  1. I think you did an amazing job at creatively engaging the lesson plan. I like how the skulls show detail and precision on a continuum; the more control gradually you lose, the more fuzzy everything seems to become in your mind. I like it!

  2. Very nicely done, Mason! I'm glad you enjoyed it because I wasn't exactly sure how to use art to get the point across and I wanted it to be creative and interpretive instead of an assignment. You did it very well so thank you!