Tuesday, November 15, 2011


So, I don't mean to be pushy, I just noticed we aren't really getting anywhere. I feel like we don't really have a plan because everyone has their own ideas of what our final project should be like, yet we're trying to put it all together into one. So, here's a proposal for everyone:

First, we can each make one or two lesson plans for the curriculum using different themes found in Hamlet. This could come off a list we create and each person could take one or two. Then, if they have time or energy they can create a piece of art for that individual lesson.
      Then at the gallery we will then have one area where all the curriculum material will be displayed and where we can show any teachers who might be there. This will also make it possible for us to circulate it around the schools without having to move a whole gallery.

Next, we can each have our own project(s) that demonstrates our learning and will specifically focus on our process of going from the text to the image. This will be things like Eric's organ piece, Mason's scene-by-scene sketches, etc. At the beginning of our project I feel like this was the main idea, but we needed a theme to piece the pieces together. I feel like we could go off of a "Words, words, words!" theme. We can have actual clips of the text (finding interesting ways to incorporate it along with our artwork) and so as you go through the gallery you will see a continuous stream of words. However, it wouldn't be boring and overwhelming as we could actually interpret the words in our own ways and incorporate the artwork through all these words.


So, for an example, I would have something like my word collage along with my preliminary sketches and then a couple other final images with particular quotes that fit the piece.

This would give us a curriculum for teachers to be able to incorporate in their classrooms and would also give us an actual gallery. The gallery wouldn't simply be about our great art skills though, because it would also be showing others how we (and thus, how they) can take a difficult text like Hamlet and apply it to our lives through creating images or different forms of art that makes it more real to us.

What does everyone think?


  1. I agree with Angela. We have spent the last few class periods just theorizing about what we want to do and it is just further complicating the project and confusing us.

    Lets just take this plan and move with it. I like the ideas with the gallery and feel like that was what we had originally and we were going to make a curriculum that created this. However it seems hard to make a curriculum that can do this. So maybe with just two or three lessons on themes we can do and if we want make the work of art that goes along with it.

    Maybe some of us could make the lessons and the others could make the works that go with it and we would all contribute that way.

  2. Good, I think that this can take us somewhere. Plus, I think especially once we start to get going with our major projects and then working on the individual themes like Angela was saying, we will start to see that all of this is actually possible and the lesson plans will start to take form. In class today I feel like this was sort of the conclusion that we all came to (and what I said in the interview with JJ, fortunately), but it is really good to get it nailed down. I'll get to work on my plan and project.

  3. Yeah, I thought this was the consensus on Tuesday...but sounds great. I'm excited to nail down the themes today and do some awesome art. Are we going to keep doing the sketches/visual thinking for the acts? Because I think that would be a really cool thing to have too, plus we already started it.