Thursday, November 17, 2011

Idea Development

Working as a group to try to collaborate all of our ideas has not been an easy task... We all thought that we understood each others' ideas, but ended up getting more and more confused. As Mason put it well, "we're all visual people, let's draw this out".

And so, here was our first sketch of how to put together an art curriculum, an art gallery that corresponded to it (taking the art for the curriculum and displaying it, that is), etc. The relationships drawn on paper might not make sense to the casual beholder, as a warning.

I think each bubble represented an individual act and piece of work, but I am not sure about all of the relationships (ah! Mason, help). When we ran into more trouble of understanding the depth and breadth of our project, we drew up another plan (back to the drawing board seems like an apt description).

NOW, we are each creating a lesson plan based off of a chosen theme. We will each respond to one other by the art we produce. We will continue to engage the text and respond artistically act by act, and  further research the venues for producing it. This is coming together. We now just need to finalize Gallery location and post the whole thing online (once we get the artwork done and do the video!)


  1. I agree!
    This is a great plan and I'm looking forward to making some progress. The part I'm most worried about is making the lesson plans. I know Cassandra was going to post some more examples but I don't quite feel proficient enough to create one of these and I don't know what a good one is. I was wondering if we wanted to do a peer edit type of thing on them once we finish them (this would be separate from the response in artwork by following the curriculum that we're doing). What do you think?

  2. It is okay with the old plan, we don't need to make sense of it because it just confused us anyway. I really feel good about the work we got done today and the drawing of our set plan now.

  3. I think that it would be fun to compare notes on our lesson plans too, especially with things like formatting. I think that we could do this for sure in class while some are working on the video. WHat do you think?

  4. We should definitely polish them as a team. My lesson plans go through a lot of re-working with my art ed peers, so I think that is a must :)