Thursday, December 1, 2011

Hamlet's Calculated Illusion/Angela's lesson plan response

Hamlet is conniving, and using the act of acting to reenact the act of his father's death. Here in Shakespeare there is a Play within a play, which allows for commentary on the art of acting itself-- like meta-acting.

I have tried to represent Hamlet on many levels here, in response to Angela's lesson plan. The first image is the optical illusion with a chess board. I chose a chess board, because Hamlet's moves are also trying to strategically defeat the king, in a sense. As Angela described in her plan, "things are different than they seem". This theme is prevalent in Hamlet (in the double-acting aspect, in the apparitions of the ghost, etc). Hence the optical illusion. In the second image, a photo, a tried to make it a little more fancy with bringing in the real-world aspect to set on top of everything mentioned up to now, giving another dimension.

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