Saturday, December 3, 2011

Art Response: Following the Plan

this is my art that was generated by following Cassandra's Lesson Plan on indecision. I found it very intriguing and actually a lot of fun to just go crazy with what the assignment was. I feel like the end product really does show indecision because I can't tell what it wants to be. There isn't really anything linking it all together. The process was this: choose random numbers (within the range of 1-20) and do the technique associated with that number (as specified in the lesson). Only fifteen minutes are allowed for each process. I found it easier to create random images and random art from this predetermined list of processes that I had to do. So while making the art I was never at a loss for what to do or how to make it, I just did it.
The funnest part was probably when me and a friend went out to the nearby creek to get our shoes dirty so I could actually make marks by stepping on the art (i didn't want to use paint;). Thanks Cassandra for a really fun way to make art. I had so much fun I made two! (and I'll probably do it again!)


  1. sorry that this wasn't posted yesterday!
    And there is a reason I did two: the one on top has twenty processes and the one on the bottom only has eleven. Just thought I'd try out different things for each of them!

  2. I think that they both have strengths. I like how the one with more steps seems more alive and vibrant, while the lower one causes more reflection. It kinda does make me feel indecisive, though I do not know why (perhaps the colors)

  3. Thats clever to go to the creek and walk on the art. Did you happen to find Ophelia in the creek?

  4. I like how you interpreted my directions. Actually for the stepping on the artwork to make marks one, I was more thinking of getting it dirty by stepping on the backside to have the ground make marks on the front side. But, I love that you went to the creek to do it! Awesome :)